PhD Admission

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PhD Program

Centre for Rural Development and Technology at IIT Delhi is looking for bright, dedicated and committed people for the cause of rural development. People who are keen and passionate for holistic rural development and interested in developing relevant technologies and knowledge and taking these to villages are welcome.

The centre is always on the lookout for prospective faculty, scientists, post-doctoral fellows, research scholars and project staff enthusiastic for research and development in technologies focused for growth of rural areas.

Areas : Artisanal technologies and rural industries; Bamboo technologies; Biogas production and enrichment, animal energy; Dairy and Food Processing; Biofuels, Biofertilizers and Biopesticides; Biomass production, conversion and utilization systems; Environmental microbiology and bioremediation; Natural products including aromatics, medicinal plants, nutraceuticals; Pesticide residue and food safety; Ecofriendly Grain Storage System; Renewable energy technologies; Rural energy systems; Biomass, Combustion, Clean Cookstoves; Solid Waste Management, Treatment of Industrial/domestic waste; Wasteland reclamation; Tissue Culture; Mushroom Technology; Ethnoveterinary Medicine; Ecological Sanitation.

We invite applications twice a year. Please visit for more information

Rural Internship

Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi will be offering rural internships to its BTech students this summer. Students will be sent to villages to experience the problems and understand rural governance. "The idea is to not just publish papers but solve real-world problems. Being a public-funded institution, it is important for us to connect with the public. Our students come here after studying hard to crack the entrance examination. In the process, they have not been exposed to some of the real problems in the society, particularly, in rural areas. Through the internship, students will be sent to villages to spend time with farmers and experience first-hand the problems that they are facing and understand rural governance."- Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, IIT delhi.


Course Code Course Name Credits
RDL 340 Technology and Community Development 3-1-0
RDL700 Biomass Production 3-0-0
RDL701 Rural Industrial Planning, Policy and Cases 3-0-0
RDL702 Karigar and Traditional Industries 3-0-0
RDL705 Rural Resources and Livelihoods 2-0-2
RDL710 Rural India and Planning for Development 3-0-0
RDL720 Rural industrial planning and management 3-0-0
RDL722 Rural energy system 2-0-2
RDL724 Technologies for water and waste management 2-0-2
RDL725 Ecological perspective of Growth and Development 3-0-0
RDL726 Herbal, Medicinal and Aromatic products 2-0-2
RDL727 Conservation and Recycling Practices in Rural Area 3-0-0
RDL730 Technology Alternatives for Rural Development 3-0-0
RDL740 Technology for Utilization of Wastelands and Weeds 3-1-0
RDL750 Intensive study on topics of Specific Interest Biomass Production 3-1-0
RDL760 Food quality and Safety 3-0-0
RDP750 Biomass Lab 0-0-3
RDD750 Minor Project 0-0-6
RDL761 Value Chain in Agri Food proceses 3-0-0
RDL770 Holistic Rural Development 3-0-0
RDL801 Successful Forms of Grass root Organizations 2-0-2
RDL803 Informatics and Rural Development 2-0-2
RDL807 Women, Technology and Development 2-0-2