Programs and Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits
RDL 340 Technology and Community Development 3-1-0
RDL700 Biomass Production 3-0-0
RDL701 Rural Industrial Planning, Policy and Cases 3-0-0
RDL705 Rural Resources and Livelihoods 2-0-2
RDL710 Rural India and Planning for Development 3-0-0
RDL720 Rural industrial planning and management 3-0-0
RDL722 Rural energy system 2-0-2
RDL724 Technologies for water and waste management 2-0-2
RDL726 Herbal, Medicinal and Aromatic products 2-0-2
RDL730 Technology Alternatives for Rural Development 3-0-0
RDL740 Technology for Utilization of Wastelands and Weeds 3-1-0
RDL750 Intensive study on topics of Specific Interest Biomass Production 3-1-0
RDL760 Food quality and Safety 3-0-0
RDP750 Biomass Lab 0-0-3
RDD750 Minor Project 0-0-6
RDL801 Successful Forms of Grass root Organizations 2-0-2
RDL801 Successful Forms of Grass root Organizations 2-0-2
RDL803 Informatics and Rural Development 2-0-2
RDL807 Women, Technology and Development 2-0-2