Mira Madan Memorial Excellence Award

A talk on Technologies for Rural Development in 21st century by Padmshree Dr. Mahesh Sharma on 13th March, 2018 at 3:00 PM at Gramoday Parisar (Micro Model) CRDT, IIT D on the occasion of "Mira Madan Memorial Excellence Award" for the best Ph.D. work in the area of "Biomass-based technologies for rural development".

Dr.Mahesh Sharma, a mechanical engineer from IIT BHU in 1970 and Ph.D. (Appropriate Rural Technology System) from CRDT, IIT Delhi in 1982-87 has experience of more than 35 years in rural development programmes. Dr Sharma after being chairman of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) for six and a half years, was Director General, Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology and now Chairman, Gramodaya Network and Coordinator Gram Sankul Yojana. He is actively engaged in micro-level application of science and technology for tribal development since last two decades in Jharkhand and initiated/steered/coordinated several technical projects related to rural artisans and women. Dr Sharma initiated Karighar Panchayat (Artisan – Guild) at Bishunpur in 1984 and developed the concept of Rashtriya Karigar Panchayat. He is leading technical expert and administrator in the field of rural industrialization and widely known for pioneering innovative work in artisan sector. He is Padmashree awardee of Govt. of India in S&T 2017.

The award was given to:

  1. Nitin Chauhan
    Thesis Title: Development of botanical formulations for indoor pest control
    Supervisors: Prof. Anushree Malik & Prof. Satyawati Sharma
  2. Megha Pant
    Thesis Title: Development of biodiesel by-products based bio-pesticidal formulations
    Supervisors: Prof. Satyawati Sharma & Prof. P. K. Patanjali