I2S@2017: Rural and Swadeshi Start-up Meet

A national competition on Rural and SwadeshiStartup Meet, I2S@2017 was organised by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, on December, 2 in the seminar hall of IIT Delhi. The event was organised for encouraging the people to come up with promising startups focused on rural and societal issues.

Startup Categories

  1. Information & Technology
  2. Health
  3. Agriculture
  4. Any new Scientific idea that benefits society
  5. Energy
  6. Livelihood at the grassroots
  7. Education

Registrations started at 8 am with an overwhelming response from across the country. A total of 15 startups were screened from nearly 200 applicants for presentations before the jury members in the seminar hall. Most of the start-ups that had registered were innovative and were targeting some societal problem/ issues. Prizes were given to first, second and third, in total six. These are as follows-

1st Prize: Eckovation, Social Learning Platform

Eckovation: A Social Learning platform: Making quality education available to all- Eckovation Solutions Private Limited, New Delhi

2nd Prize

1. Biodegradable StrawMade from Coconut Leaf-Christ University, Banglore
2. Divyang- EkUmmeed: Inclusiveness of physically challenged persons in the main stream of the society-a start up of IIT Roorkee

3rd Prize

1. Improvised Crutch for rehabilitation of joint injured patients- Flexmotiv Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a start-up at IIT Delhi
2. Parking Pass – Invax Global Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
3. Path finder for visually impaired- Sri Eshwar Engineering College, Coimbatore