Technologies Transferred

Technologies/Process Developed
Biopesticides against nematodes, termites, houseflies, stored grain pests and plant pathogens
Non edible oil cake and Biogas Slurry based organic fertilizers
BGS based Algal biofertilizers
Mushroom cultivation using non traditional substrates
Microbial formulations for rapid composting
Biogas slurry dehydration units (filtration and centrifugation) being developed (under progress).
Biogas enrichment and bottling technology.
Improved Carpet Loom
Improved Handmade Carpet making Tools
Scrapping Machines for Carpet Washing
Chemical Mixing Machines for Carpet Washing
Squeezing Machines for Carpet Industry
Semi-automatic Washing Machines for Carpet Industry
Drying Chambers for Carpet Industry
Digital Moisture Meters for Carpet Industry
Trimming Machines for Carpet Industry
Geographical Information System for Indian Handicrafts
Improved Cook Stoves
Improved Rural Leather Tanning
Improved Carcass Recovery and Bio Products Processing System
Improved Pottery Tools, Equipments and Processes
Improved Food Processing Technology
Improved Honey Processing Technology
Improved Milk Processing Technology
Bio manure Diagnostic kit and Microbial Diagnostic kit (at MGIRI Wardha)
Quality Assurance Kit for Rural Soap Industry
Technology package for Indigenous seed based organic farming and pesticide free farming have been developed and field tested
Turmeric oil based green formulation for controlling storage pests
Tech. package for bioremediation of Chlorpyrifos contaminated soil for vegetable production
Depulper for processing of neem fruits
Process optimization for microwave assisted hot air drying of bamboo shoots
Copperised neem oil preservative for bamboo treatment
M. piperita based formulations for housefly control
Myco-Tablets for the treatment of metal and dye wastewater

Technology Transferred
TechnologyAgency where technology is transferred
Biogas Enrichment and Bottling TechnologyM/s Indian Compressors Limited, New Delhi, March
M/s Tech Zone, Bhavani, Tamilnadu
M/s Excel Electrical Private Limited, Valsad, Gujarat
M/s Swasth Sewa Maitry Charitable Trust, Delhi
M/s Ashoka Biogreen Private Limited, Nasik
M/s Raghunath Bioenergy Private Limited, Delhi
M/s Green Brick Eco Solutions, Delhi
Processing Technology for Hop FlowerM/s Aromatic Flora Ltd. Baddi, (H.P)
Design of SCFE Technology PlantM/s Prakshey Aromatic Ltd. Noida, (U.P)
Decorticor for Tung FruitM/s Swaraj Herbal Pvt. Ltd, Lucknow
Herbal Mouth FreshenersM/s SAV India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
 1 ton per day biodiesel production unitOrissa Forest Development Corporation
Value added products form NTFP, Mahua flowersTribal Women Self-help Group in Orissa
Waterless Urinal Odour Prevention TrapM/s Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
M/s Moneyplant Real Estates Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
M/s Environmental Goodyield Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kolkata
Rapid CompostingVillage Mubarikpur, Farukhnagar, Gurgaon
Agro-techniques for organic Cultivation of wheat, Pulses and SugarcaneMore than 40 villagers spread over 6 districts in U.P (in collaboration with Dr. R.S. Arya, JVF, Bijnore, U.P)
BiodiversityJawahar Navodaya vidalaya, Mathuka, Faridabad
Biofertilizers (Nitrogen Fixers and Mycorrhiza)Different villages in Haryana, U.P and Rajasthan
Animal (Bullock) Driven water PumpM/s Panchal pumps and systems
Biogas Engine Conversion KitM/s Govil Energy Solutions, New Delhi
Making of Tulsi Mala BeadsM/s Lupin Foundation, Bharatpur