Reputed Journal List

1Acta BiomateriliaElsevier
2Acta tropicaElsevier
3Advances in food and nutrition researchAcademic Press
4Algal ResearchElsevier
5American Journal of Clinical NutritionASN Publishers
6Applied and Environmental MicrobiologyAmerican Society for Microbiology
7Applied Biochemistry and MicrobiologySpringer
8Applied EnergyElsevier
9Applied Microbiology and BiotechnologySpringer Berlin / Heidelberg
10Archives of Animal NutritionTaylor and Francis
11ASCE Journal of Environmental EngineeringAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
12ASCE Journal of hazardous toxic and radioactive wasteAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
13Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical EngineeringWiley Interscience
14Asia pacific journal of clinical nutritionHEC PressN Publishersal of Clinical Nutritionenceion and Safety
15Asian Journal of Chemistry-
16Biochemical Engineering JournalElsevier
17Biocontrol Science and TechnologyTaylor and Francis
18BiodegradationSpringer Netherlands
19Biofuels journalCountry Journal Publishing Co
20Biological ControlElsevier
21Biomass and BioenergyElsevier
22Biomaterial ScienceRoyal Society of Chemistry
23Bioresource TechnologyElsevier
24Biotechnology advancesElsevier
25Biotechnology for BiofuelsBMC
26Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and ToxicologySpringer New York
27Chemical Engineering JournalElsevier
29Clean Soil Air WaterWiley Interscience
30Clinical Research and ReviewsElsevier
31Colloids and Surfaces B – BiointerfacesElsevier
32Compost Science & UtilizationJG Press, USA
33Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and TechnologyTaylor & Francis
34Critical Reviews in Food Science and NutritionTaylor and Francis
35Current nutrition and food scienceSharjah, United Arab Emirates : Bentham Science Publishers
37Dynamic Soil Dynamic PlantGlobal Science
38Ecology of Food and NutritionTaylor and Francis
39Energy and FuelAmerican Chemical Society Publications
40Energy, Sustainability and SocietySpringer
41Entomologia Experimentalis et ApplicataWiley-Blackwell
42Environment InternationalElsevier
43Environmental MicrobiologyJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd & Society for Applied Microbiology
44Environmental PollutionElsevier
45Environmental Science and Pollution ResearchSpringer
46Environmental Science and TechnologyAmerican Chemical Society
47Environmental TechnologyElsevier
48Environmental Toxicology and ChemistrySETAC (Society), Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
49Enzyme & Microbial TechnologyElsevier
50European Journal of Clinical NutritionNature Publishing Group
51European Food Research and TechnologySpringer
52European Journal of Horticultural ScienceEugen Ulmer GmbH & Co.(Germany)
53European Journal of NutritionSpringer
54Evidence-based Complementary and alternative medicineHindawi Publishing Corporation
55Field Crop ResearchElsevier
57Flavour and fragrance journalWiley interscience
58Food & nutrition researchBålsta : Co-Action Publishing
59Food Additives and ContaminantsTaylor and Francis
60Food Analytical methodsSpringer
61Food and Agricultural ImmunologyTaylor and Francis
62Food and Bioprocess Technology- An International JournalSpringer
63Food and Chemical ToxicologyElsevier
64Food and nutritionRome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
65Food and nutrition bulletinTokyo, United Nations Univ, Boston, MA : International Nutrition Foundation
66Food BiophysicsSpringer
67Food BiotechnologyTaylor and Francis
68Food ChemistryElsevier
69Food ControlElsevier
70Food DigestionSpringer
71Food Engineering ReviewsSpringer
72Food MicrobiologyElsevier
73Food PolicyElsevier
74Food Research InternationalElsevier
75Food Reviews InternationalTaylor and Francis
76Food Science and BiotechnologySpringer
77Food Science and TechnologyElsevier
78Food Science PackageElsevier
79Food SecuritySpringer
80Forest ecology and managementElsevier
82Genes and NutritionSpringer
83Indian Journal of Environmental ProtectionCentre for Science and Environment, National Knowledge Commission
84Indian journal of rural developmentNational Institute of Rural Development
85Industrial & Engineering Chemistry ResearchAmerican Chemical Society Publications
86Industrial Crops and ProductsElsevier
87Innovative Food Science and Emerging TechnologiesElsevier
88International AgrophysicsInstitute of Agrophysics, Poland
89International Biodeterioration & BiodegradationElsevier
90International journal of Agriculture & Food ScienceMTT Agrifood Research Finland
91International Journal of AromatherapyElsevier
92International journal of Dairy TechnologySociety of Dairy technology
93International Journal of Ecology and Environment ScienceInt. Scientific Publication
94International Journal of Environment and HealthInderscience Publishers Ltd.
95International Journal of Environment and PollutionInderscience Enterprises Limited
96International Journal of Environmental BiologyScience central
97International Journal of Food MicrobiologyElsevier
98International Journal of Food PropertiesTaylor and Francis
99International journal of food sciences and nutritionLondon : Informa Healthcare
100International journal of food sciences and technologyElsevier
101International journal of green energyGreen Energy
102International Journal of Industrial Crop and productsElsevier
103International Journal of Mineral ProcessingElsevier
104International Journal of Vegetable ScienceTaylor and Francis
105Journal of Agricultural and Food chemistryAmerican Chemical Society
106Journal of AgronomyElsevier
107Journal of American ScienceScience Publisher.
108Journal of Applied MicrobiologyJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd
109Journal of Bamboo and RatanSpringer
110Journal of Biomedical nanotechnologyAmerican Scientific Publishers
111Journal of Bioscience and BioengineeringElsevier
112Journal of Dairy ScienceElsevier
113Journal of Dietary SupplementsLondon : Informa Healthcare
114Journal of Environmental ManagementElsevier
115Journal of Environmental Science and Health: Part ATaylor & Francis
116Journal of Environmental Science and Health: Part BTaylor & Francis
117Journal of Environmental SciencesElsevier
118Journal of EthanopharmacologyElsevier
119Journal of Food BiochemistryWiley InterScience
120Journal of Food Composition and AnalysisElsevier
121Journal of Food EngineeringElsevier
122Journal of food process engineeringWestport, Conn., Food & Nutrition Press
123Journal of Food QualityWiley Interscience
124Journal of Food SafetyWiley Interscience
125Journal of Food ScienceWiley Interscience
126Journal of Food science and TechnologySpringer
127Journal of Food Science and TechnologyAssociation of Food Scientists & Technologists, India
128Journal of Functional FoodsElsevier
129Journal of Hazardous MaterialsElsevier
130Journal of Human Nutrition and DieteticsWiley Interscience
131Journal of Hunger and Environmental NutritionTaylor and Francis
132Journal of Industrial MicrobiologySociety for Industrial Microbiology (U.S.), Springer Verlag
133Journal of Industrial Microbiology and BiotechnologySpringer
134Journal of Insect PhysiologyElsevier
135Journal of Invertebrate PathologyElsevier
136Journal of Lipid Science and TechnologyOil Technologists’ Association of India
137Journal of Nutritional and Environmental MedicineLondon : Informa Healthcare
138Journal of Parasitic DiseasesSpringer
139Journal of Plant BiologySpringer
140Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil ScienceWiley Interscience
141Journal of Rural healthWiley Interscience
142Journal of Rural StudiedElsevier
143Journal of Rural technologyCSIR
144Journal of Scientific and Industrial ResearchNISCAIR-CSIR
145Journal of Supercritical FluidsElsevier
146Journal of water ResearchElsevier
147Journal of Water Science & TechnologyIWA Publishing
148Letters in Applied MicrobiologyBlackwell
149Maternal and child NutritionWiley Interscience
150Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and MetabolismSpringer
151Microbiologia SemInternational Society of Microbiology
152Milk Science InternationalAVA Agrarverlog
153Minerals EngineeringElsevier
154Molecular nutrition & food researchWeinheim, Germany : Wiley-VCH
155Mycological ResearchElsevier
157Nano medicine- Nanobiotechnology, biology and medicineElsevier
158Nature’s journalNature’s
159Nutrition and DieteticsWiley Interscience
160Nutrition BulletinWiley Interscience
161Nutrition in Clinical careWiley Interscience
162Nutrition ReviewsWiley Interscience
163Nutritional AnthropolgyWiley Interscience
164Parasitology ResearchSpringer
165Pest management scienceWiley Interscience
166Physiol. Mol. Biol. PlantsSpringer
170Phytotherapy researchWiley Interscience
171Plant foods for Human nutritionSpringer
172Probiotics and Antimicrobial ProteinsSpringer
173Process BiochemistryElsevier
174Progress in food & nutrition scienceOxford Pergamon Press
175Renewable Energy- an international journalElsevier
176Scandinavian journal of food & nutritionColchester, Essex : Taylor & Francis
177Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and SafetySpringer
178Separation and Purification TechnologyElsevier
179The Journal of Nutritional BiochemistryElsevier
180The Journal of Nutriton, Health and agingSpringer
181Toxicology in vitroElsevier
183Trends in Food Science and TechnologyElsevier
184Tropical medicine and international healthWiley Intescience
185Veterinary ParasitologyElsevier
186Water Air and Soil PollutionSpringer Netherlands
187Water ResearchElsevier
188World Journal of Microbiology and BiotechnologySpringer