• New Technologies on Soft finish, Stiff finish of Khadi garments have been developed and successfully transferred to the field. KVIC has agreed to set up a Model garment finishing unit at Barabanki, (U.P). A simple machine for mercerization of Khadi yarn, a Hank Dyeing machine for use of Natural dyes in Khadi and technologies for wrinkle free Khadi have also been developed.
  • A field testing kit for testing the quality of raw material and finished products for rural soap industry cluster has been prepared. Simple process for recovery of chrome salts from tannery waste for recycling and processing of Carcass by-products of Rl level has been developed and is being demonstrated at Kalyani unit. New optimal mixes of clays and additives locally available in Wardha region for pottery clay have been evolved for demonstration at Bhadrawati Unit.
  • The intensive interaction (through workshops) of crafts men with designers, sculptors, artists and other master craftsmen resulted in substantive improvement in the vision and skills of the craftsmen as also the resource persons. Numerous innovative products designs have been developed in these workshops and displayed in exhibitions.
  • Four vitally potential technologies to promote renewable energy for rural industries identified in collaboration with field inventors (micro-hydel turbines (gharants), animal driven prime movers, gasifiers for heating and power generation, and multi (bio) fuel engine to run on biogas, producer gas, bio-diesel etc.)- are under upgradation and standardization. Pilot Plant for compression and enrichment of bio gas has been set up. Modified designs of pottery kilns (fuel savings up to 40%), based on detailed energy audit in field Rl units have been developed.