Honours and Awards to Faculty Members

Prof. Satyawati Sharma
1.Iraj Zandi Award (USA) for contributing to the field of solid waste management - 2013
2.Jury member of FICCI Award committee - 2013
3.Chair, Biological treatment session II B, at International Conference on ‘Solid Waste Management’, Philadelphia, USA - 2013
4.Expert Member, Project Evaluation Committee, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology - 2013
5.Member, Technical advisory committee, NRDC, DSIR – 2013 till now
6.Expert member, Global Biomass Community, Germany - 2010
7.Invitee author – Had been invited to write a chapter on Jatropha in a book on energy crops published by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK – 2010
8.Chair, Composting and Biological treatment session VII A, at International Conference on ‘Solid Waste Management’, Philadelphia, USA - 2010
9.Expert Member, Scientific Committee: R’03 - R’09 (Recovery, Recycling and Reintegration), World Congress in diffrenet countries - 2003 - 2008
10.KVIC Golden Jubilee Award - for Innovations in Rural Industrialization (Prof. Satyawati Sharma, Prof. S. N. Naik, Dr. Anushree Malik and Dr. V. M. Chariar - 2007
11.Appreciation letter by higher authority (DDF, IITD) for teaching, academic research for sponsored research, academic management and honours/awards - 2000-03 (for three consecutive years)
12.Fellow, National Institute of Ecology - 2000
13.Fellow, Mobilization - 1997

Prof. S.N.Naik
1.H. S. Zahir Memorial Award (2010) (Prof. S. N. Naik)
2.Volkswagen Research Fellowship (1985-86) worked at University of GH-Siegen (Germany) (Prof. S. N. Naik).
3.Expert member under the Planning commissions “Report of the committee on Development of Biofuel” (2003) Government of India
4. Member of expert group on Bio-fuel Policy, Planning commission, Power and Energy Division (2006-07)
5. Executive member of Oil Technologist’s Association of India, North zone (2007-08)
6. Life Member of IICHE, EOAI, ISCA, OTAI
7. Expert member (Recruitment and Assessment Board of CSIR, New Delhi) (2006-07)
8. Essential Oil Association of India, Dr. D. R. Dhingra Memorial award (1988-89 )
9.Volkswagen Research Fellowship (1985-86) worked at University of GH-Siegen (Germany)

Prof. V.K.Vijay
1.SGSITS-ISTE Young Engineering Teacher National Award 1999
2.Hari Ohm Ahsaram Prerit Young Scientist Award 1998
3.ISAE Book Award 1998
4. ISAE Team Research Award 1999
5.Young Scientist Award 2000 by National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
6.India in Agricultural Engineering, Prakriti Bharati – National Award 2005
7.IIT Delhi Alumni Association Award in Open House on Biogas Enrichment Technology for Vehicular Use in 2009

Dr. V.M.Chariar
1.Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lecturer 2012, Arizona State University, USA
2.Member, Sectoral Innovation Council, Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Govt of India
3.Teaching Excellence Award at IIT Delhi 2010-2011 PDF
4.KVIC Golden Jubilee Award 2007 for Innovations in Rural Industrialisation
5.Young Scientist Award 1997, Forum of Scientists for Peace and Development, New Delhi
6.Member of Advisory and Editorial Board for ASBM Journal of Management

Dr. Anushree Malik
1.Young Scientist Project awarded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of INDIA. Year: 2003
2.Prestigious Japan Society for the Promotion of Science “(J.S.P.S.) FELLOWSHIP” awarded by Govt. of JAPAN. Year: 2002
3.Postdoctoral Assignment at Utsunomiya University, JAPAN. Year: 2000
4.YOUNG COAL SCIENTIST AWARD at Central Fuel Research Institute (C.F.R.I.) Dhanbad, Govt. of INDIA. Year: 1996
5.Within TOP TEN all over INDIA when received C.S.I.R. FELLOWSHIP awarded by Govt. of INDIA. Year: 1994
6.Senior Research Fellowship (S.R.F.) at I.I.T. Delhi, INDIA. Year: 1996 - 1999
7.Department of Atomic Energy (Dr. K.S. Krishnan) Fellowship awarded by Govt. of INDIA. Year: 1992

Dr. Hariprasad. P.
1.DST-SERB Young Scientist Project awarded (2014)
2.DBT-RA (Postdoctoral Fellow) 2011-2013
3.CSIR-SRF (2009-2011)
4.P. R. Verma Best Ph. D. Student Award (2009)