Major Collaborative Programmes

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) Phase 2 (2018-2021) MHRD Prof. V. K. Vijay & others
Biogas Development and Training Center (2006-cont.) Ministry of New and Renwable Energy Prof. V K Vijay, Prof PMV Subbarao, Prof. S. Sharma Prof. Vivek Kumar, Prof. Ram Chandra
Development of Thermoannerobacterium sp. RBIITD as a Biorefinery Platform Strain for Production of Butyric Acid and n-butanol (2017-2019) Department of Biotechnology S. N. NAIK
Development of Functional Food Products from mycelium of Medicina Mushrooms (2018-2020) MoFPI, New Delhi Prof. Satyawati Sharma, Prof. H. N. Mishra, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Rupesh Srivastava
Local Treatment of Urban Sewage for Healthy Reuse (LotusHR) (2017-2020) DBT-STW (IndoDutch Project) Prof. T. R. Shreekrishnan, Prof. Anushree Malik, Prof. V K Vijay
From Waste Water to Bio-energy: A microalgae Biorfinery Approach in Indian and Brazillian Scenario (2016-2020) DBT-MCTI-CNPq(Indo-Brazil) Prof. Anushree Malik, Prof. VK Vijay, Prof. KK Pant, Prof. Maria Lucia Calijuri (Brazil)
Development of low pressure high volume Biomethane Storage Cylinder for Transportation of bottled biogas for cooking and automotive fuel applications(2017-20) DST Prof. VK Vijay, Prof. PMV Subarao, Dr. Ram Chandra
Development of bio formulations for bioremediation of soils contaminated by explosives (2016 - 2020) DRDO Prof. Satyawati Sharma
Regional Testing & Knowledge Centre for Biomass Cook-stoves (2013-16) Global Alliance for Clean Cook-stoves, UN Foundation Prof V K Vijay, Prof Rajendra Prasad
Design-Development-Evaluation of Aptamer based High sensitive-Low cost kits for the detection of mycotoxins in food(2018-2020) DST Dr. Vivek Kumar
Feasibility Assessment and Customization of Biological Dye Removal Process for Industrial Wastewater Treatment(2016-2020) DST-Vardhman Prof. Anushree Malik, Dr. Z. A. Shaikh
Valorizing Waste from Sugar Cane Industries via Innovations in Pre-treatment, Bioproduction and Process Intensification DBT-BBSRC Dr. Vivek Kumar, Prof. V K Vijay with Univ. of queensland, univ. of nottingham, and univ. of cranefield
Development of a multimode continuous drying system for on-farm processing of Indian spices (2016-2019) DST-SERB Dr. J. K. Sahu
Development of sutaible pretreatment system for Paddy straw disintegration for biogas generation leading towards commercialization of Technology (2017-2019) Ministry of New and Renwable Energy Prof. VK Vijay, Prof. PMV Subarao, Dr. Ram Chandra
Inspection of Grossly Pollution Industries (GPIs) discharging into main stem of River Ganga and its tributaries (2018-2019) CPCB Dr. Vivek Kumar, Prof. AK Nema
Cultivation and value addition of Pleurotus eryngii (2016 - 2019) DST Prof. Satyawati Sharma, Dr. V. P. Sharma, Dr. Ajay Yadav
Process development and assessment/evaluation of microalgae based biofuels and value added products (2017-2019) DST-MSTR (Indo-Srilanka) Prof. A. Malik, Prof. S. N. Naik, Prof K. K. Pant, Prof. Vikram Singh, Prof. R. A. Attalage
Development of sustainable rural livelihood options utilizing locally available bioresources through transformative rural technologies in the Indian Himalayan Region of Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim (2018-2021) Ministry of EF&CC, Govt. of India Dr. J. K. Sahu
Integrated nutrition, education and environmental interventions through networks of schools and anganwadis in India(Running) University Collage London, UK Prof. V K Vijay, UCL, Save the childern, JNU
Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization, Wardha (2001-08) Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Prof Rajendra Prasad, Prof V K Vijay, Prof R R Gaur
Co-creating water & sanitation courses and providing immersive & collaborative e-team learning opportunities for ASU and IIT Delhi students (2016-2017) National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Allia United States of America Prof. V M Chariar
Production of Nutrabeverages from Mahua Flower (2017-2018) TRIFED, Ministry of Tribal Affairs India Prof. S. N. Naik
Development of Cosmoceuticals and Nutraceuticals from Acacia Plant (seed and gum) (2009-2011) DST Prof. S. N. Naik
Design and Development of Mobile Unit for Biogas Enrichement Ministry of New and Renwable Energy Prof. V K Vijay, Prof PMV Subbarao
Tools and Machinery for Carpet Industries (1998-04) Office of Development Commissioner Handicraft Prof Rajendra Prasad, Prof S K Saha
Processing of soil, seed cake of Jatropha, Karanja, Mahua and Neem for value addition for biofertilizer and biopesticids (2008-2015) NOVOD, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Prof. Satyawati Sharma, S. N. Naik
Field Evaluation of Biomass Cook-stoves (2014-17) GIZ, Germany Prof V K Vijay, Prof Rajendra Prasad
Isolation And Characterization Of Bacterial Strains And Their Enzymes With Lignolytic Potential Form Western Ghats Of India(2014) DST-SERB Dr. Hariprasad
Optimization of Perennial Grasses for Biomass Production (2011 - 2015) European Commission Prof. Satyawati Sharma
Super Critical Fluid extraction of natrural anti-oxidants for food Preservation from species and non-conventional endemic in north western region (2012-2017) DST Prof. S. N. Naik
Integrated Technology System for Artisans & Landless Labourers (ITSAL)- (1980-1993) DST Prof Rajendra Prasad, Prof P S Satsangi