Ph.D Alumni

List of students successfully defended their PhD Viva-Voce from the year 1966 to till now:
Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Research Scholar
Analysis of blade stress and mechanics of digging with a manually operated spade Shishodia, K.S. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD ) Sekhon, G.S. ( Applied Mechanics - IITD )Patwardhan, S.V. ( CRDT - IITD ) Sharma, Praveen Kumar
Preservation of horticultural produce and process waste recycling Vasudevan, P. ( CRDT - IITD ) Patwardhan, S.V. ( CRDT - IITD ) Guleria, S P S
Integrated energy system for small farms Maheshwari, R.C. ( CRDT - IITD ) Vasudevan, P. ( CRDT - IITD ) Dahiya, Anand Kumar