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As we complete 75 years of Indian independence in 2022; the centre aims to contribute to new India by technologically fortifying the nation through low cost, last mile, and futuristic technologies. There are many expectations from the Centre. As India is making a fast progress to become a developed nation, the key lies in doubling the income of farmers by 2022 for which we have to create allied activities and rural industries to fulfil this aspiration. Livelihood and employment opportunities can be created in rural areas by the intervention of science and technology in which rural development centres like ours play a major role. With the efforts of all in the institute, I strongly believe that we will be able to see our nation in better position in next five years in technology, education, health and employment opportunities and pave a way for reverse migration.

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scientific and technological advancements to the rural sector.

It is now well recognized that the status of ‘development’ of a nation does not depend solely on ‘economic growth’. Environmental and socio-cultural issues integrated with human values are important for sustainability.

The Centre for Rural Development and Technology (CRDT) was established in 1979 to function as a nodal centre to enable the benefits of S&T advancements to the rural sector and support such activities. It was an important experiment as not many technical institutions had attempted to establish a formal Rural Development Centre at that time. It is one of the twenty-three departments/Centre of IIT Delhi.









Thematic areas

Biomass and Environment

Potential solutions for sustainable biomass utilisation and various environmental solutions.

Food and Natural Products

Pre-treatment, bio-processing, extraction, fractionation, fermentation and formulation.

Green Solutions and Sustainable Habitat

Solutions for green building architecture for sustainable rural habitats.

Livelihood and Rural Industrialisation

Rural industrialisation for rural development and livelihood creation.

Rural Energy Systems

Sustainable green energy solutions for making rural areas energy self-reliant.

Panchagavya and its Products

scientific practices for Conservation of panchatattva by adopting Panchgavya based farming.

Transforming Rural India

तकनीकी संस्थाओं का ज्ञान - स्वैच्छिक संगठनों का अनुभव - सरकार के संसाधन
सभी को मिलाकर गांवों के विकास के लिए

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is a pan India program of CRDT inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development processes by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of an Inclusive India.

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  • I commend CRDT, IITD for the significant contributions made for rural development by technology transfers, capacity building and regular interactions between rural population and academia.

    Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar (Chancellor - Nalanda University)
  • I compliment CRDT for the great work they are doing, and I am confident that they will play a much bigger role in the years to come as the national coordinators of various Govt. of India initiatives such as Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) etc.

    V. Ramgopal Rao (Director - IIT Delhi)


Centre for Rural Development and Technology

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